UK's first independent coffee subscription platform

The technology of large chains, now for the benefit of independent cafes.

The Concept

Join an exclusive network of independent cafes. Get new customers into the habit of your business to boost your foot traffic and increase revenue.

The Opportunity

We are offering a guaranteed earnings opportunity for all our launch cafe partners.

The moment

The coffee subscription model has already been adopted successfully by large chain cafe brands. We believe such new technology should be democratically made available to all.

How it works


User subscribes to a Bottomless Beans membership

And downloads the BottomlessBeans app


User visits your cafe and redeems a beverage by presenting a QR code

Which you will easily verify using our Admin App.


We transfer redemption earnings to your account

At our agreed rate per drink redemption.


We provide you with on-going tech and community support.

So you can focus on making those delicious coffees.

Benefits for your independent cafe

Increased footfall

Acquire new customers and keep them coming back through your doors, by making the coffee run a part of their daily routine.

Guaranteed earnings

Regardless of how many visitors you receive and cups of coffee you make, we will guarantee minimum earnings for just being a valued partner.

In-depth analytics

As subscriptions are redeemed, we collect and analyse the data so you can acquire key insights into your customers’ core behaviour.

Organic marketing

Put your cafe on the map for our entire user base. Get featured in the BottomlessBeans Good Coffee guide.

The Business Times
"The smartest product in the market"
Data Today
"The game changing app you'll need"

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